Does your water industry writer have these 5 key skills? (continued)

In last week’s post, we started looking at how to pick a writer.  How to choose the best writer for water industry content marketing.  We saw how important writing skills are.  In this week’s post, we look at Skill #2: Water Industry Knowledge.

Skill #2:           Water Knowledge

This week we discuss another important trait you want in a content writer: water knowledge.  You need someone who knows your industry.  You shouldn’t have to explain the difference between an anaerobic digester and a clarifier.  Or the difference between removing oils and grease from effluent and lowering the BOD.

Integrated wastewater management is complex.  Wouldn’t it be great to find a writer that understood the water industry?  Understood water quality? Understood wastewater treatment and use? Understood water quality regulation?

water industry knowledge

A writer for the water industry must be able to interpret the unique jargon.  As with everything else in the water industry, the jargon is complex.  There is the language used by academic researchers.  There is the terminology used by engineers.  There is the semantics of legislation.  The writer you need understands and interprets this jargon.  And translates it into simple terms.

A writer for the water industry must be able to explain and illustrate large data sets.  Graphs, tables, conceptual diagrams, infographics.  All these tools can help your audience understand complex information.  Your writer must be able to use these tools to accurately relay your data.

That’s the kind of writer that could deliver powerful, persuasive content for the water industry.


I am an expert water quality scientist with experience in the water industry. I understand the science behind your solutions.  I can interpret the jargon.  I can explain complex ideas in simple terms and compel your prospects into action.


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Next week we look at Skill #3:    Understanding the water industry audience