Does your water industry writer have these 5 key skills? (Part 3)

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been looking at how to pick a writer.  How to choose the best writer for water industry content marketing.  We have seen how important writing well and water knowledge are.  In this week’s post, we look at Skill #3: Understanding the Water Industry Audience.

Skill #3:           Understanding the Water Industry Audience

A key skill crucial to being able to write persuasively is the ability to understand your audience.  In the water industry, the sales funnel is long.  There are many people involved in every purchase.

Your writer needs to understand who your prospects are and how their personas change through the funnel.  At each stage of the funnel, these people have different information needs.  Different pain points.

Wouldn’t it be great to find a writer who knows your prospects and their pain points?  Pain points that your products and services help alleviate.  Things like:

  • Water supply – quality and cost
  • Wastewater – quality vs. disposal costs
  • Compliance with water quality discharge standards.

Water quality is important to your prospects.  It influences how the wastewater is treated and how it can be used. Water quality determines wastewater discharge options.  Water quality impacts the bottom line of your prospects’ business.

But there is something else about your prospects that’s harder to pin down.  It’s their desire to do the right thing.  To be involved in managing water sustainably.  To be contributing to our environmental resilience.

There is no reason why your prospects should not be seen doing the right thing. You want a writer that understands that.  A writer that can weave that story of resilience and sustainability into every white paper, every case study.

Finding a writer that understands your audience may be difficult but you will be glad you did.


I am an expert water quality scientist with experience in the water industry. I know your prospects.  I regulated them.  I inspected their operations.  I set the water quality standards they must meet.  In other words, I know their pain points.  I can help you engage with your prospects.  Enable you to provide the information they need, when they need it. 


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Next week Skill #4:       Research Skills