6 Essential Promotions for a Successful White Paper


Is your white paper being read, shared?

If it isn’t, it might be that you haven’t been promoting it effectively.

Promoting your white paper is critical to its success.  As content marketing tactics go, white papers are a sizable investment.  You want to make sure it does its job.  That means promotion.promoting white paper success

It is important that the marketing team understands that the more effort they invest in promoting a white paper, the more likely it is that it will succeed.  There are six separate yet equal aspects to a successful white paper promotion.

It is important to think about promotion very early in the white paper process.  And to continue that process until the very end:

  • During white paper drafting.
  • Upon release on the white paper.
  • And for long after the white paper is released.

There are many more ways to promote your white paper but the six we discuss here are essential for a credible ROI.

6 Essential Promotions for White Paper Success

All six promotions are essential for white paper success.

  1. Website promotions

The obvious place to start to promote your white paper is on your website.  Feature the white paper prominently on the home page.  Place an action button prominently, linking to the white paper landing page.  Collect emails and names.

Your company blog is another channel on your website.  Post a blog about your white paper launch.  Post another one with a summary of the white paper.  That will either entice a prospect to download the whole thing or, if only the blog is read, will continue to build awareness of your brand.

You can also repurpose the white paper content into posts but that is a topic all in itself.  Stay tuned in coming weeks for a post about repurposing white paper content.

  1. Newsletter promotions

Newsletters are another obvious choice to promote a white paper.  Place an ‘ad’ in the sidebar of the first page of the newsletter.  Have a compelling button that again links to that all-important landing page.

You could write a small article that summarizes the white paper and place it in the newsletter.

It is also a good idea to arrange for it to be mentioned in your channel partners’ newsletters.

  1. Email promotions

Email is a cost-effective way of promoting your white paper.  You can:

  • E-mail it to your sales force to educate them in the key benefits.
  • E-mail it to your channel partners – your distributors and dealers.  They too will benefit from understanding all the features and benefits of the new product or service.
  • E-mail it to your house list of prospects and clients. Get it out there and get it shared.
  1. Social media promotions

Speaking of sharing, social media is another essential promotion for your white paper.  You need to tweet about it on Twitter.  You need to announce it to any appropriate LinkedIn groups.  Place links on all social media sites, linking back to the landing page on your website.

  1. External promotions

There is nothing wrong with the old favorites.  Press releases are still effective at spreading the word.  Go ahead, publish a press release about it.

  • Send the press release along with a copy of the white paper to journalists who cover your space.
  • Send the press release along with a copy of the white paper to bloggers who cover your space.

Don’t forget, there are sites where you can post your white paper for free.  Use all available channels.

  1. Internal and personal networking promotions

Promoted internally, white papers can educate your sales team.  That sales team is then better able to promote the white paper! Beautiful.

A slide deck and presentation based on white paper content is effective for educating and networking.  The same presentation given to the sales team can be presented at networking events, like association meetings, conferences, workshops.  All great places to promote the white paper.


Now that you know how to promote your next white paper, just remember to maintain the push.  You must promote for months to get full value out of your white paper.  Promote strongly right up to when the next white paper is released.

And remember: if you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.  Next week we will look at how to measure the impact of your white paper promotion efforts.



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