Why me?

Because you need an expert and professional content writer that understands the water and environmental industries!

As a marketing professional in the environmental and/or water industries, you know how tough it can be to find a writer who understands the environmental challenges your clients face.  Harder still to find a writer who understands the innovative solutions your company offers. Solutions that achieve positive outcomes for your clients, your community, and the environment.

Why should you pick me?  Here are just a few reasons why I could just be the writer you need:

You need a writer that understands how your solutions solve your clients’ problems

With a PhD in environmental science and over 20 years of experience working in the water, environmental and public health industries, I have the in-depth scientific knowledge to assimilate, analyze and communicate complex concepts in layman’s terms.

I worked for the regulator as well.  I understand the legislation and standards your clients must comply with.  I know what the regulator is looking for in compliance and other complex reports.

You need readable content that explains complex environmental solutions in plain language

I write content that is clear, focused and follows a logical flow.  I know when to leave the jargon in and when to take it out.

I am also an AWAI-trained copywriter and certified content marketing specialist.

You have tight deadlines and need a writer than can meet them.

When we plan our project, we will negotiate timeframes.  I will meet or exceed all deadlines.

You want a writer that doesn’t need hand holding

With high-level research skills aligned with PhD-level scientific knowledge and experience, I can tackle your content and report writing challenges head on.

Contact me by sending me an email at cj@watercopy.com.